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Member lodges

You can get lodges’ data from the following list.  But if you need more details, get it in each lodge’s homepages(*in JPN).

* Sanso/So means “mountain lodge,” Goya/Koya means “lodge” and Onsen means “hot spring inn” in Japanese.

Nakabusa onsen spa. Banner Enzansou inn Banner Otensho hutte Banner
Nakabusa Onsen Enzan So Otenjo Hutte

Hutte Nishidake Banner Hutte Ooyari Banner Jounen hut Banner
Hutte Nishidake Hutte Oyari Jonen Goya

Chougatake Hutte Banner Ootaki Sansou lodge Banner Karesawa hutte Banner
Chogatake Hutte Otaki Sanso Karasawa Hutte

Karesawa-goya hut Banner Yarigatake Sesshou hutte Banner Yarisawa lodge Banner
Karasawa Goya Sessho Hutte Yarisawa Lodge

Yarigatake sansou lodge Banner Minamidake goya hut Banner Kitahotaka goya hut Banner
Yarigatake Sanso Minamidake Goya Kitahotaka Goya

Hotakadake sansou lodge Banner Nishiho sansou lodge Banner Yokoo sansou lodge Banner
Hotakadake Sanso Nishiho Sanso Yokoo Sanso

Daiten so lodge Banner    
Daiten So    



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